#keep##randurls[1|1|, |Money Site URL List 1|]#: Points Funny groom speeches are one of the most exciting things to prepare for your wedding. The groom will often speak first before the bride. The best words to say during the opening part of your speech must be about your gratitude toward the visitors. Saying thanks to all of your guests is honoring the effort, time and support they have given During the opening part, you also need to thank the bride for everything she had shown and given to you. Say something nice about your bride like how pretty and gorgeous she is during the ceremony. Be sure you thank her parents also for supporting you both. Giving admiration to your new wife and honoring the support of her parents are the most important contents your speech must have. Continue narrating stories about you and your wife. Share some of the best stories you have like the times you courted and dated her. Tell everybody how you felt the first time you saw her. Adding humor when narrating stories will offer delight to the crowd. Add in your speech about your future hopes and wishes. You can pray the Lord can offer you many blessings as well as great children to take care of. This will surely make people laugh. Then, you can propose a toast to your beautiful wife. Making it known that you will be having the best times with her for the rest of your life is an excellent idea to conclude. Completing funny wedding speeches with toast will make the wedding memorable. Asking everyone to join you with the toast is important to signify great future. Ensure your speech is short and hilarious. They will surely entertain all of your wedding visitors. Following all of these guidelines will enable you to finish write an unforgettable groom speech. The http://www.bestgroomspeeches.com/toasts/groom-wedding-speech%E2%80%94here-speaks-the-groom must make must follow some certain guidelines. It is suggested that you have a look at this speech site to access and read some samples of speeches and http://www.bestgroomspeeches.com/ can learn from.